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Each TrakaMEC Supreme cabinet can be professionally installed by our qualified Traka engineers. Due to the weight and size of the cabinet, each TrakaMEC Supreme cabinet must have suitable support.

For Traka engineers to complete the installation, each TrakaMEC Supreme cabinet must have its own TrakaMEC plinth that is suitable for the size of the cabinet.

Should you fail to provide a TrakaMEC plinth on the day, the engineers have the right to refuse the installation, however, you will still be charged the full amount.

Please note, all TrakaMEC Supreme cabinet installations are a two-person job. We require a strong wall to which you wish the TrakaMEC Supreme cabinet to be fixed. The wall (and any wall covering) to which the TrakaMEC key system is fixed must be made of low flammability material (at least 94 UL-5V flammability class equivalent).

We reserve the right to refuse installation should the engineers decide the wall is not suitable to take the weight of the cabinet.

For further information, please download the TrakaMEC Supreme cabinet installation guide.

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