ASSA ABLOY Terms & Conditions

Our standard terms & conditions will apply to TrakaMEC sales and can be found at the following URL:

For upgrade from TrakaMEC to Traka Automotive electronic key management solutions Terms & Conditions see below: 

For upgrade from TrakaMEC to Traka Automotive electronic key management solutions

  1. TrakaMEC reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any point in time without prior notice. However, this does not apply to existing customers who have already purchased TrakaMEC after the offer has been withdrawn.
  2. TrakaMEC upgrade path is only eligible within 36 months of your original TrakaMEC purchase.
  3. Trade-in discount is taken from “List Price” of new Traka Automotive electronic systems at the time. Traka List Price is subject to change on an annual basis.
  4. Each TrakaMEC system trade-in can only be used against one electronic system purchase. For example if you have four TrakaMEC systems but only require three Traka electronic systems, we will only be able to give you a discount against List Price using three out of four of your TrakaMEC systems. However, Traka may approve part exchange for all of your TrakaMEC cabinets should the total key capacity of electronic systems exceed the total key capacity of all TrakaMEC solutions. Please contact us to discuss further.
  5. We will discount List Price of each electronic system with the purchase price of each of your TrakaMEC cabinets.
  6. Please present your original TrakaMEC invoice / Order Number as proof of purchase
  7. In the event that Traka has accepted more TrakaMEC cabinets (see point 4), the purchase price of the additional TrakaMEC cabinet will be divided by total number of electronic cabinets and added to discount against List Price on each electronic system.
  8. TrakaMEC upgrade path cannot be used on top of existing Traka Automotive offers.
  9. TrakaMEC accessories and services are excluded from original purchase price trade-in value.
  10. If you have any queries about this offer, please contact us at .