TrakaMEC plinth for M and S cabinets



TrakaMEC plinth is designed to be used with the Mini and Standard TrakaMEC Supreme cabinets. Standing 800mm tall, the plinth is placed underneath the cabinet to support it's weight.

Due to their weight and size, it is strongly recommended that a plinth is used to support the Supreme cabinets.

Each TrakaMEC supreme cabinet has a welded in, threaded cylinder allowing each TrakaMEC plinth to be securely fixed to the base of the cabinet. For extra security, you can use a longer bolt and secure it with an additional security nut from the inside of the cabinet.

TrakaMEC plinths featuring the same colour powder-coating as the TrakaMEC Supreme cabinets. 

Please note, if you have purchased Traka professional installation, you must purchase a TrakaMEC plinth for every cabinet. 

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