TrakaMEC Supreme L Single – 150 Key System

KEYfob Colour: Orange


TrakaMEC Supreme mechanical key management systems are built with the highest quality, Union components including force resistant, anti-drill, anti­-pick and anti-­saw BS 5-lever mortice deadlocks for extra peace of mind and security. Each Supreme cabinet utilises Mechanical Peg-in-Peg-out Peg boards to secure your keys, ranging in 50 to 300 key capacity.

TrakaMEC Supreme key cabinet is equipped with the electronic Union Code Handle© with key over-ride function. The Code Handle© can be programmed with 9 different user codes and 1 admin code, increasing security for your business.

Our Supreme cabinets are manufactured in the UK using 2mm thick steel and are finished with a fine texture black powder coat.

Each TrakaMEC Supreme cabinet has been successfully, indicatively tested to LPS 1175 and EN 14450 anti-burglary, security and resistance grades.

Large Single cabinet features:

  • 2 BS 5 lever mortice deadlocks
  • Union Code Handle© including override key function
  • Union door closer
  • 36 USERfobs
  • 36 Name ID seals
  • 150 KEYfobs with choice of 6 colours
  • 450 Label seals equally distributed over 6 colours (orange, red, white, silver, yellow, blue)
  • Indicative security rating
  • 12-month warranty


TrakaMEC Supreme key cabinets are heavy and therefore need a strong wall for installation. Fixings are not included, so it is essential that you choose the right ones to be strong enough to retain the TrakaMEC Supreme key system.

The wall (and any wall covering) to which the TrakaMEC key management system is fixed must be made of low flammability material (at least 94 UL-5V flammability class equivalent).

Please be advised, TrakaMEC Supreme key cabinet installation is a TWO person job due to the weight and size of the key cabinet. You should always seek to use appropriate support for the cabinet such as the TrakaMEC cabinet plinth which can be added to your order.


Note these are the dimensions for the key cabinet only and do not include the plinth

  • Height: 1390mm
  • Width: 700mm
  • Depth: 302mm
  • Weight: 90kg

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